Members and their Rides
Tomb of the Unknowns

Mayor Ross
Rich Smerkar
Co-Founder & 1st Officer
Paul Gabor
2nd Officer
Ross Howard
3rd Officer
Roy Emanuelson
Board Director
Bob Trump
Board Director
Barb Smerkar
Co-Founder & Web
Page Designer

Member List
(Updated 9/17/14)

To see a picture of each member's motorcycle, run your mouse over their picture.

(Note:Not all members have supplied a picture yet, therefore, not all will change.

Jim Barlock
Teri Barlock
Tim Barlock
Tammy Barlock
Jeff Bauder
No Picture Available
Lisa Bauder
Luther Bellows .
Arthur Blackwell
Dale Burkett
Melissa (Missy) Bytner
David Cappalonga
Phyllis Cappalonga
John Conde
Shela Conde
Charlie Corrao
No Picture Available
Karen DeLorme
Frank Cross
Gary Dean
Karen DeLorme
Ralph DeLorme
Rob Dillon
Sara Dillon
Shyan Dillon
Tyler Dillon
Patty Dotts
Sam Dotts
No Picture Available
Darcy Dressel
Darin Dressel
Mike Durkin
Debbie Elmore
No Picture Available
John Elmore
Barb Emanuelson
Roy Emanuelson
Jeff Ferris
Shane Ferris
Brian Fletcher
Cara Fletcher
Linda Gabor
Paul Gabor
Kathy Gaffey-Wiser
No Picture Available
No Picture Available
Joe Gockel
Jeff Hager
Tammy Hager
Darlene Hawkins
Tim Hawkins
Tammy Hite
Mitch Holliday
Leslie Ann Howard
Ross Howard
No Picture Available
No Picture Available
Nathan Hughes
Bill Johnson
Carol Johnson
Amy Jones
No Picture Available
Andre Jones
Dave Karwatsky
Donna Karwatsky
Peggy Kearns
Tim Kearns
George Kuhns
Sandi Kuhns
Leanne Leeper
Melvin Leeper
Jason Lightbody
Bob Long
Cheryl Long
Ron Lowman
Teresa Lowman
Jake Magalich
Dawn Manges
Jim Manges
Jim Marth
Dale Martz
Kim Martz
Leslie McClurg
Rich McClurg
Alisa Messner
John Messner
Joe Monarko
Gary Moody
Frank Mooney
Amber Moose
Dennis Moose
Ralph Murphy
Marc Nickens
Pat Owens
Tom Owens
Chrissa Piwowar
Rick Piwowar
Andy Pollak
Paula Pollak
Steve Presock
Theresa Presock
Bill Prohaska
Debbie Prohaska
Dion Ruffner
Christine Rumbaugh
No Picture Available
No Picture Available
Lorraine Sherman
Cheryl Shaw
Joe Shaw
Joel Sherman
Loraine Sherman
Brent Shumar
Mary Shumar
Barb/Giggles Smerkar
Rich #1 Smerkar
Tania Smith
Buff Smith
No Picture Available
No Picture Available
Diane Smith
Bob Sommers
Deb Sommers
Kevin Stairs
Trudy Stairs
Tim Steeley
Eve Stephanic
Sgt. Steve Stephanic
Janie Stewart
Ken Stewart
No Picture Available
Glenn Tarris
Jim Testa
Sue Testa
Ed Tirk
Merry Tirk
Becky Titterington
Harve Titterington
No Picture Available
Kathy Trump
Robert "Trumpy" Trump
Steve Vargo
Rich Walker
Lora Waller
Steve Waller
Eileen Watkins
Tom Watkins
Daryl Weaver
Mary Weaver
Jake Weigand
Nate Welty .
John "Bud" Wiser.
Julia Young

Associate Members
Mel Beaver
Rich "ReB" Beaver